Prairie Path Park

The Prairie Path Park Flood Prone Area is in an upland depression centered around Prairie Path Park with a total of approximately 14 acres directly tributary. The tributary area is generally bounded by Roosevelt Road to the north, Arbor Avenue to the south, Warrenville Road to the east, and the Prairie Path to the west and general flow generally inward towards the depression.

The Park is serviced by a small diameter storm sewer that flows west under the Prairie Path and eventually into a 36” storm sewer on Delles Road. This larger diameter storm sewer drains a second depressional area centered along Delles Road that affects properties along Greenwood Drive as well. These two depressional areas are separated by the Prairie Path.

In 2018, the City of Wheaton contracted Webster, McGrath, & Ahlberg to complete the 2017 Flood Study Project V which included the Prairie Path Park Flood Prone Area. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent and frequency of overland flooding into the area’s homes. The area was surveyed and modeled, and an alternative analysis was completed. The final report and an inundation map can be found below.

Complete Flood Study

Inundation Map