Erie Street Upland Depressional Area / Overland Flow Path

The Erie Street Upland Depressional Area / Overland Flow Path is an area with at least four localized upland depressions with a total of approximately 63 acres directly tributary. The tributary area is generally bounded by Manchester Road to the north Childs Street to the south, Dorchester Avenue to the east, and Hazelton Avenue to the west. 

This tributary contains an undesigned flow path through private properties with multiple upland depressional areas.

The general direction of flow for the watershed is from east to west and the first depressional area is in the rear yards of private properties between Morgan Avenue and Pierce Avenue. 

The second known depressional area is a retention pond located south of the cul-de-sac of White Oak Drive. 

The third depressional area is located west of Hickory Lane cul-de-sac as a development detention area, and the fourth known depressional area is located on Erie and includes multiple private properties.