Dorset Drive at Dorset Park

Dorset Drive contains a depression that is centered in the roadway and is serviced by a storm sewer that is hydraulically connected to Dorset Park. Dorset Park is a detention facility for the Butterfield Ridge Unit 6 and Unit 7 subdivisions and when it fills up, water overflows the berm towards Butterfield Road. Overflows from this detention area occur frequently in medium to large rain events due to the stormwater development standards in place during its creation.

The tributary area for this watershed is generally bounded by Brighton Road to the north, Orchard Road to the west, Butterfield Road to the South and Cromwell Drive to the East.

The tributary area is approximately 113 acres and two depressional watersheds overflow into this tributary area and will need to be taken into consideration when modeling. These depressional areas include a 33-acre tributary area for Golden Pond and a 30-acre tributary area for Brighton Park.

In 2018, the City of Wheaton contracted Engineering Resource Associates to complete the 2018 Flood Study Project VI which included the Dorset Drive at Dorset Park Flood Prone Area. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent and frequency of overland flooding into the area’s homes. The area was surveyed and modeled, and an alternative analysis was completed. The final report and an inundation map can be found below.

Complete Flood Study (2018)

Inundation Map (2018)