We are responsible for providing all engineering services for the City related to streets, sewers, water, traffic studies, and stormwater management. Our services help maintain the City’s infrastructure and ensure the safety of Wheaton residents. We also review project plans and inspect construction for private development projects and issue permits for developers to install infrastructure systems and stormwater management.

What We Do

Infrastructure Projects

Our department provides engineering services for capital improvement projects such as the annual road program and sanitary sewer rehabilitation.

Address Flooding Issues

Many homes have drainage problems that range from major flooding to persistent standing water. The Engineering Department assists by providing drainage reviews, performing studies of stormwater systems and flood-prone areas, and providing engineering services related to the City’s stormwater and sanitary sewer systems.

Traffic Engineering

We perform various traffic engineering duties including studies for intersection traffic control, monitoring of traffic signal timings, and determining appropriate pavement markings and traffic control signs along City streets.

Stormwater Management & Site Grading

New construction plans must incorporate stormwater management practices. Soil erosion control measures, site grading, and stormwater runoff detention are reviewed for compliance with the City and County-wide stormwater management ordinances. Together these ordinances are one of the most stringent stormwater management codes in the country. For more information, read about DuPage County’s stormwater permitting process.