Cherry Street Upland Depressional Area

The Cherry Street Upland Depressional Area is an upland depressional area located in the Winfield Creek Watershed. This area, which is generally located north of Harrison Avenue and centered on Cherry Street in Wheaton, IL, has a 47 acre tributary area and is defined by one minor and one major upland depressional area. The Tributary Area was generally developed as single family residences. Although the area is drained by a system of storm sewers, they are frequently overwhelmed in intense rainfall events and flooding throughout the area is frequent.

In 2011, the City of Wheaton contracted Engineering Resource Associates to complete the Cherry Street Upland Depressional Area Flood Study. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent and frequency of overland flooding into the area’s homes. The area was surveyed and modeled, and the final report and inundation map can be found below. An alternative analysis was not performed during this study, but one is planned for a future date.

Complete Flood Study

Inundation Map