Furnace, Boiler & Air-Conditioner - Commercial

This guideline has been developed to assist you in your efforts to install a new or replace an existing furnace, boiler or air conditioner. Prior to erecting, installing, enlarging, altering, repairing removing, converting or replacing any mechanical system, if regulated by the mechanical code, or cause such work to be done, shall first make application to the City Building Department and obtain the necessary permit. Work can be done without a permit when performed after City’s business hours, on weekends or holidays only when the work was of an emergency nature, a permit shall be applied for within 48 hours of performing this emergency work. Provided below is information that addresses what needs to be submitted to the City, pertinent building codes, permit fees and required inspections. These guidelines are by no means all-inclusive, but they do identify the most critical requirements that are involved in this type of project. Please review this information and call the City of Wheaton Building Department with questions.

Associated Documents
Please review the DSIRE web link to determine if your project qualifies for any energy savings or rebate programs, note these programs can change and/or expire.

Required Submittals

The following documents need to be submitted to initiate a review of your project:
  1. Building Application for Permit
    Provide Building Application for Permit that includes: site address, description of work, contractor(s), the total cost of work to be performed, permit applicant contact information, etc.
  2. Contractor Requirements
  3. Product Information Sheets
    Provide two (2) copies of the manufacturer’s product information for the furnace, boiler and/or air conditioner.
  4. Heat/Loss Calculation (For Steam Boiler Installations)
    Provide a “Heat/Loss Calculation” prepared by a licensed professional.
  5. Mechanical Comcheck
    To demonstrate that the HVAC unit(s) meet the State of Illinois Energy Code provide an original signed and sealed Mechanical ComCheck Energy Compliant document. The most current version of the Department of Energy ComCheck is available at http://www.energycodes.gov/comcheck/.
Provide manufacturer’s product information sheet that shows the new unit(s) is more efficient than the existing unit(s).

NOTE: Section 1 on Comcheck must be fully completed:
Construction Site - complete address;
Owner - complete name, address and phone number of Owner of the building, NOT Tenant; and
Designer/Contractor - complete name, address and phone number of either Designer or Contractor.
Compliance Statement for ComCheck must be signed and sealed by a licensed professional (i.e., professional engineer, engineer, architect, etc.). IECC 2018 Edition (503.2). Questions regarding ComCheck should be directed to our Commercial Plan Examiner at 630-260-2048.
  1. Structural Roof Framing Detail
    Provide two (2) copies of the structural plans of the roof framing for any new installation of a rooftop unit. When replacing an existing rooftop unit structural plans of the roof framing are only required when the weight of the replacement unit is significantly greater than the former rooftop unit.
  2. Street Occupancy Permit (If the Staging Area is in the City Right-of-Way)
    Provide Engineering Application for Permit along with information of staging area to include: schedule of work, type, and the number of barricades, number, and location of parking spaces to be occupied, etc.

Applicable Codes
The City of Wheaton has adopted, either by City ordinance or by code reference, the following codes for all commercial construction within the City limits:

  • International Mechanical Code 2018
  • International Fuel Gas Code 2018
  • International Energy Conservation Code 2018

All code modifications by local ordinance are available for viewing at www.wheaton.il.us, within the applicable section headings of the Municipal Code (Chapter 22, Buildings and Building Regulations). Copies of these modifications and of the Codes listed above are also available at the Wheaton Public Library as reference materials.

Significant Codes - Furnace, Boiler & Air-Conditioner

  1. Screening
    Roof-top units shall be screened from view. Screening shall be per the Wheaton Zoning Ordinance Article III Zoning Districts and General Regulations 3.4 General Regulations - C. Screening of Building Utility and Service Installations: Call the Planning & Zoning Department at 630-260-2008.
  2. Testing of New, altered, extended or repaired systems
    New mechanical systems and parts of existing systems which have been altered, extended, renovated or repaired shall be tested as prescribed per code to disclose leaks or defects. Provide copies of the air balancing report that is specified in the project specifications and pressure test of all new gas piping installations, additions, and branches.
  3. Certification of Boilers
    Pursuant to the Illinois State Statute, all boilers and pressure vessels with an input of 200,000 BTUs or larger are to be registered and inspected. Boilers or pressure vessels situated in locations that are frequented by the public, need to be inspected. Boilers located in private residences or multi-family buildings having fewer than 6 dwelling units and no commercial office space(s) are exempt from inspection. For further information, please refer to the Office of the State Fire Marshal’s (Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety) website.

The inspection listed below is required for all Furnaces, Boilers, and Air-Conditioners. Additional inspections may be needed based upon the scope of work. If additional inspections are required, they will be identified at the time of permit issuance.

To schedule an inspection, please call 630-260-2050 a minimum of 24 hours in advance, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Type of Inspection
When to Call
Mechanical Final (Furnace & A/C)
After the equipment has been installed and tested.
Plumbing Final (Boilers)
For All Boiler Installations Only.
Mechanical Final (Boiler)
Once State Certification is received (for Boilers with an input of 200,000 BTUs or larger).

Permit Fees
For associated Building fees, please refer to Appendix B7 Fee Schedule per the Wheaton City Code - Building Fee Schedule.

Contact Us
City of Wheaton Building & Code Enforcement Department
Address: 303 W. Wesley Street, Wheaton, IL 60187
Phone Calls:

  • Inspection Scheduling: 630-260-2050
  • Mechanical Code Questions: 630-260-2051
  • Fax: 630-260-2195 (contractor requirements, certificates of insurance & bonds)
  • Business hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Revised 3/5/2020