Our mission is to ensure public safety, health and welfare in all aspects of building design, construction, and maintenance.

What We Do


Our staff inspects projects for many types of projects, including plumbing, electrical, mechanical and more.

Permits & Informational Guidelines

We issue permits for residential, commercial and yard projects. We also provide helpful informational guides to lead you through the process of almost any type of building project that requires a permit.

Contractor Registration

We annually register contractors doing work in Wheaton. Contractors must be registered with the City's Building Department to do work in Wheaton.

Codes & Design Criteria

We adopt, administer and enforce the applicable local, state and national codes related to building in Wheaton, including:

Building Department Staff

Joe Kreidl - Director of Building & Code Enforcement (Quality of Service by Building Department Staff)

Bruce Allen - Plan Examiner (Commercial Reviews, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarms, Accessibility)

Tom Corrigan - Building Inspector (Building & Electrical Inspections)

Mary Lou Hecklinger - Permit Processor (Applying for Permit, Inspection Scheduling, FOIA Requests)

Jim Kozik - Director of Planning & Economic Development (Property & Sign Zoning)

Ruta Norkus - Permit Processor (Applying for Permit, Inspection Scheduling, FOIA Requests)

Joe Tebrugge - Stormwater Engineer (Stormwater, Utility Connections)

Jeff Whiteman - Plan Examiner (Residential Reviews - Decks, Sheds, Pools)

Carol Zdan - Code Compliance Officer (Maintenance of Properties, Boats, RV's & Grass)