Fire Alarm Systems

This guideline has been developed to assist you in your efforts to install a Fire Alarm System. Prior to installation, a permit must be obtained from the City of Wheaton Building Department. Provided below is information that addresses what needs to be submitted to the City, pertinent building codes, permit fees and required inspections. These guidelines are by no means all-inclusive, but they do identify the most critical requirements that are involved in this type of project. Please review this information and call the City of Wheaton Building Department with questions.

For Burglar Alarms please see Wheaton Police Department Alarm User Permits or call 630-260-2161 should you require additional information.

Required Submittals
The following documents need to be submitted to initiate a review of your project:

  1. Application for Permit
    Application for Permit shall include: site address, description of work, contractor(s), total cost of work to be performed, permit applicant contact information, etc.
  2. Contractor Registration - Please see Contractor Registration Guidelines.
  3. Product Information Sheets
    Provide one (1) copy of the manufacturer’s product information for all devices including smoke detectors, heat and duct detectors, alarm panel and similar.
  4. Scaled Plans
    (Not required when replacing only the panel) Provide two (2) copies of the scaled plans that indicate use of rooms, room numbers (if applicable), location, legend of devices and battery calculations. Plans shall also indicate ceiling heights and any changes in height such as off-sets, beams, girders and all hourly ratings of wall and ceiling assemblies that are penetrated.
  5. Fire Stopping- Provide UL fire stop classifications and fire stop product technical data sheet.
  6. Battery Calculations - Provide battery calculations.

Applicable Codes
The City of Wheaton has adopted, either by City ordinance or by code reference, the following codes for all commercial construction within the City limits:

  • International Building Code 2012
  • International Fire Code 2012
  • NFPA 72 2010 Edition

All code modifications by local ordinance are available for viewing at, within the applicable section headings of the Municipal Code (Chapter 22, Buildings and Building Regulations). Copies of these modifications and of the Codes listed above are also available at the Wheaton Public Library as reference materials.

Significant Codes - Fire Alarm
Remodeling: City amendment to the International Fire Code 2003 Editions: 907.2 Where required shall be amended by deleting the paragraph and inserting the following text: An approved manual, or manual and automatic fire alarm system shall be installed in all new buildings and structures. An approved manual, automatic or manual and automatic fire alarm system shall be installed in all existing buildings and structures in accordance with Sections 907.2.1 through 907.2.23 when cost of proposed remodeling or reconstruction in any given year is 50% 25% or greater than the value of the building. Value of the building or structure (excluding land) shall be established by the Milton Township Assessors assessment records for the year prior to the initial remodeling or reconstruction.

Alarm Connection to City Panel: Starting in August of 2010, new alarm systems installed within the City of Wheaton will no longer be required to be connected to the City’s panel via a dedicated phone line, rather, signals will be required to be transmitted via radio transmitter. Radio transmitters will be supplied and installed by Chicago Metropolitan Fire Prevention for all emergency fire alarm systems within Wheaton (and Winfield). A Fire Alarm Monitoring System Application can be submitted electronically or mailed to the City of Wheaton Finance Department. Account list - database is Wheaton 540/Winfield 65. Please note, the radio alarm transmitter has the capability to transmit alarm, trouble and supervisory signals. Prior to installation of the radio transmitter the following connection requirements must be met:

  • If an existing fire alarm system, it must be in good working order;
  • If a new fire alarm system or replacement, it must have been inspected and approved by the City of Wheaton Building department;
  • Use of reverse polarity module (12vdc to 24vdc) with a minimum 10vdc output and void of AC ripple; and
  • Use of two (2) dry contact outputs: one (1) for alarm activation and one (1) for trouble activation.

The inspections listed below are required for all Fire Alarm Systems. Additional inspections may be needed based upon the scope of work. If additional inspections are required, they will be listed on the Plan Approval Notice attached to the approved plans.

To schedule an inspection, please call 630-260-2050 a minimum of 24 hours in advance, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

New System:

Type of Inspection
When to Call
When conduit and boxes have been installed.
Above Ceiling
When conduit and boxes have been installed in ceiling.
When equipment is installed (including radio transmitter), equipment and system tested and tie-in has been completed. Final tie-in to DuComm shall be witnessed by City inspector.

Replacing Alarm Panel:

Type of Inspection
When to Call
When panel is installed and tied into radio transmitter and after system has been tested. Final tie-in to DuComm shall be witnessed by City inspector.

Permit Fees
For associated Building fees, please refer to Appendix B7 Fee Schedule per the Wheaton City Code - Building Fee Schedule.

Plan Review Fees: At the discretion of the City of Wheaton Building Department Director plans can be sent to a third party code review agency. This determination will be made only after the plans have been received and reviewed. Review fees would be forwarded to the permit applicant and paid at the time of permit issuance.

Fire Alarm - Maintenance

Test Annually
Fire detection / alarm systems are required to be tested annually, including but not limited to: fire alarm panels, smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm boxes (pull stations near exits), as well as audio/visual notification devices. Periodic inspections and tests required under this article shall be performed by firms normally engaged in the sales and service of such fire protection systems.

Contact Us
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Inspection Scheduling: 630-260-2050
Fire Alarm Code Questions: 630-260-2048
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Revised 9/14/2018