Program for New Sidewalks

The City is working on a multi-year program to add sidewalks on at least one side of every street to increase safety for pedestrians and improve the walkability of our community. Using safety as the top priority, the program is based on a rating system incorporating many factors to determine the order in which areas receive sidewalks. City staff identified approximately 70 areas in Wheaton that will receive sidewalks through a multi-year program. You can see the presentation of this program to the City Council here.

Criteria used to determine the order in which the 70 street segments will receive sidewalks include:

  • Street classification (arterial, collector, local, or cul-de-sac)
  • Proximity to an arterial or collector street
  • Geometry of a roadway (hills, curves, sight distance issues), and
  • Separation from a travel lane (whether people currently walk in the road, parkway, shoulder, etc.).

Spring 2022 New Sidewalk Plans

Additional Information

You can watch videos of previous City Council discussions of the City's new sidewalk program below: 

For other questions, please contact City Engineer Sarang Lagvankar: 630-260-2067 /