Program for New Sidewalks

In February 2018, the City Council voted to approve a program for new sidewalks in the City of Wheaton. The City is working with District 200 and the Wheaton Park District to create a complete pedestrian system to all school and park sites.

Missing Sidewalks in City Right-of-Way (MAP)


New sidewalks will be recommended based on the following criteria and as the budget allows: 

  1. Distance to the School - This was the top priority. The closer to the school, the greater number of points provided. With nearly $1MM worth of sidewalks within the 1,500 radii, requests outside of the 1,500 radius were not considered.
  2. Street Category - Collector streets received more points than local streets. Local streets received more points than cul-de-sacs.
  3. Partially Constructed Sidewalks - Leverage these areas where some new slabs could possibly connect existing sidewalks. More points for small gaps based on linear feet.
  4. Street Layout (Geometry) - With safety in mind, streets with extreme vertical or horizontal curves and/or without curbs received maximum points, while streets that appear open and straight or flat received minimum points.

New Sidewalks for 2020

  • Liberty Street between Fisher Street and President Street
  • Williston Street between Illinois Street and Willow Avenue
  • James Court from Elm Street to just north of Arbor Avenue
  • Irving Avenue between Prairie Avenue and Wakeman Avenue
  • Center Avenue between Marcey Avenue and Westhaven Drive
  • Paula Avenue between Westhaven Drive and Marcey Avenue
  • Marcey Avenue between Mayo Avenue and Paula Avenue
  • Prairie Avenue from Irving Avenue connecting to existing sidewalk

2020 Sidewalk Plan Set

New Sidewalks for 2019

  • Wakeman Avenue between President Street and Santa Rosa Avenue
  • Prairie Avenue between Irving Avenue and Main Street
  • Jefferson Avenue between Ellis Avenue and Gary Avenue
  • Campbell Avenue between Dawes Avenue and Elm Street
  • Fischer Street between Dawes Avenue and Elm Street

New Sidewalks created in 2018

  • Thomas
  • Park
  • Howard

2018 School Sidewalk Analysis

*While Foothill/Aurora Way ranked high in the needs analysis, the area contains a floodway which would require a bridge structure, extensive permitting from multiple regulatory agencies, and pre and post-construction modeling of the channel.

Additional Information

To learn more about the City of Wheaton's sidewalk program, please view the video and information below or contact City Engineer Sarang Lagvankar: 630-260.2067 /