Sidewalk Replacement Program

Sidewalk Replacement Program

  • Phase: Year six of program
  • Location: South of Butterfield Road
  • Start Date: After May 1, 2017
  • Completion Date: Summer 2017
  • Estimated Cost: $150,000

About This Program

The City continues working on a long-term program to replace highly defective sidewalk squares throughout the City.

An initial survey of the City’s more than 265 miles of sidewalks identified more than 2,000 sidewalk squares that met the City’s “highly defective” definition, and therefore need to be replaced. To fit this definition, the City’s Streets Division used specific criteria related to the severity of cracking, spacing, or settled / raised squares. (For more information about these criteria, see the Sidewalk Maintenance Policy (PDF).)

2017 Sidewalk Replacement Plan

The City’s program generally focuses on one area of the city each year. This year’s program will address the area south of Butterfield Road.

Questions about work in your area can be addressed to Street Superintendent Mike Wakefield, 630-260-2116. Residents who want additional work done at their cost can contact the contractor (to be determined at a later date).