Streams Lake Meander Feasibility Study

Streams Lake

About This Project

The City of Wheaton's Engineering Department is currently investigating the best approach to address a recurring sedimentation problem that affects the Streams Lakes. 

Background Information

The Streams Lakes are a manmade widening of Springbrook #1. Since their creation by a private developer around 1970, they have created recurring a sedimentation problem for the City of Wheaton, requiring dredging approximately every 5-7 years to remove sediment. This is a costly process. The last dredging cost more than $750,000, and current market estimates are closer to $1 million for the next dredging, which is needed in the near future.  

The Wheaton City Council directed the Engineering Department to investigate options to improve the sedimentation problem and decrease the cost of the maintenance to City of Wheaton taxpayers. A Streams Lake Meander Feasibility Study determined that the sedimentation problem can be eliminated if the lakes are replaced with a meandering channel with a native floodplain plateau. The project would not only eliminate the need to continually dredge the lakes but would also improve the water quality, which has been deemed impaired by the IEPA. This project has a total estimated cost of $3 million, but grants are available to decrease the cost of the project by more than 80%.

More Information

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Current Status

This is a proposed project that is currently under investigation and is not yet approved for further engineering or construction. If approved, the City anticipates it will be 2-5 years until construction would take place. 

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