Demolition & Construction Site Regulations


General Regulations

  • Post Permit: Place permit card on the construction site in a location so that it is visible from the street and accessible by the inspector.
  • Workdays: Construction & demolition activity is allowed seven days a week.
  • Noise: From 7:00 AM until sunset, noise from construction & demolition activity is unrestricted. From sunset until 7:00 AM, noise is limited to 50 decibels, similar to normal conversation. If a violation occurs after business hours please contact the Wheaton Police Department. Playing loud music is not considered a construction-related activity.
  • Streets/Traffic: The streets and parkway are to be kept clear of any equipment, debris and/or obstruction and passable at all times. Do not block access to private drives; the street shall be kept clear and open to traffic at all times. If a violation occurs after normal business hours please contact the Wheaton Police Department.
  • Parkway: City parkway shall be kept clear of any obstructions including but not limited to; equipment, debris, materials, and vehicles.
  • Sidewalks: Keep all public walks clear of debris and equipment at all times. If portions of a public walk are removed for utility work or other work, a temporary walk of gravel is required to be placed at the same elevation and width as the former walk.
  • Signage: Sales signage is not to exceed 6 sq. ft for individual lots. When constructing either six or more dwelling units, or a commercial project, construction signage is not to exceed 32 sq. ft.
  • Grass: Maximum allowable grass height is eight inches.
  • Tree Protection Fencing: Tree protection, including tree fencing, shall be in place during the course of demolition and construction.
  • Silt Fabric: Erosion measures, including silt fencing, shall be installed and maintained during demolition and construction
  • Debris: Debris shall be placed in dumpsters.
  • Toilets: Use of portable toilets maintains a sanitary site for all. Portable toilets shall be placed at the center of the lot behind the front lot line.
  • Open burning: Open burning is not allowed.
  • Suspicious activity: Please report any children playing in construction or demolition sites or suspicious activity to the Wheaton Police Department at 911.
  • Excavating/JULIE: Illinois law requires that the person actually doing any digging, regardless of the depth of the project, to call JULIE at 1-800-892-0123 or 811. JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) provides contractors, excavators, homeowners, and others who may be disturbing the earth, with a free service through a single phone call for the locating and marking of underground utility facilities. Call at least 48 hours (two working days) prior to the start of excavation and the project must begin within 14 calendar days from the call.
  • Idling Vehicles: A diesel-powered vehicle may not idle for more than 10 minutes (30 minutes if below 32 or above 80 degrees) within any 60 minute period, except: When the vehicle has a weight less than 8,000 pounds (B plate); when loading, unloading, mixing, controlling cargo temperature, or if in a line of vehicles that regularly and periodically moves forward.
  • Safety Fencing (Ordinance F-1396-Dec. 1, 2008): All construction sites shall be enclosed by a continuous chain link fence, without barbs, six feet in height and shall be installed not more than seven (7) days before any work on the construction site. Such fencing shall remain in place until a certificate of occupancy is issued, for the structure. “Construction site” means excavation, erection, enlargement, alteration, repair, removal, or demolition of any building or structure. However, it excludes interior demolition and construction as well as a construction site that is occupied during construction. “No Trespassing” signs shall be provided, gates shall be kept closed during the day and secured by lock when there is no construction activity.

Construction Regulations

  • See General Regulations.
  • Build to Approved Plans: All construction shall be designed to code and constructed per building plans and grading surveys approved by the City. If changes occur, provide a copy of the revised plans to City for review and approval.
  • Change Contractor: Notify the Building Department in writing if you change contractors identified on your permit application.
  • Material Delivery: Construction materials shall not be placed on City Parkway or on City streets. If materials are to be placed on a street, a permit is required.
  • Storage Boxes: Sea containers or similar storage containers for construction equipment and/or material are required to have a permit.
  • One Year to Complete Exterior: All exterior work must be completed within one year from the date of permit issuance.

Demolition Regulations

  • See General Regulations.
  • Watering of Dust: Demolition of structure and loading of material is required to be watered, at a minimum 100 gallons per minute. Failure to apply water to control dust can result in a court appearance and a fine from $2,000 to $5,000.
  • Vacant Homes: Doors and windows and other openings on a vacant house are required to be kept closed and secured. Owner-initiated salvaging of materials, such as doors and windows, can occur at such time that a temporary six-foot high chain-link fence is installed.
  • Site Restoration: Within 45 days of completion of demolition the site is required to be graded, seeded, and temporary fence removed unless construction has commenced.

Work on Adjoining Property
When it is necessary to excavate onto adjoining properties, either within parkways or easements, for the purpose of installing utilities, it shall be the permit holders’ responsibility to notify the adjacent property owner, protect the area for safety, and clean and restore the disturbed area to existing conditions as follows:


  • Adjacent property owners must be notified no less than two business days prior to the start of the work.
  • A copy must also be provided to the City.
  • The notification shall include, at a minimum; the type and location of work, schedule of work including restoration, and the permit holders’ contact information (name, business address, and 24-hour telephone number).
  • If the work involves excavating the driveway access to the adjoining property, additional notice shall be made in person with the adjoining property owner the day work begins.

Protection of the Work Area

  • The work area shall be protected by the use of temporary construction fencing, and barricades with working flashers if adjacent to the street.
  • Removal of private fences is permitted when such fences are replaced with temporary construction fencing during the work.
  • Permanent replacement of the fencing shall be completed as part of the restoration of the area.
  • If existing fencing cannot be re-used, new materials shall be used.


  • Restoration of disturbed areas shall commence immediately upon completion of the work with the proper placement of backfill materials to a level equal with the existing surface.
  • Hard-scaped surfaces (asphalt, concrete, and paver brick) shall be restored within 72 hours of completion of the work unless a separate arrangement has been made with the adjoining property owner.
  • Landscaping material shall be restored within 72 hours of completion of the work and such restoration shall be considered completely separate from any other landscaping work in conjunction with the permit.
  • Trees and shrubs shall not be removed from the parkway without the written approval of the City, and from private property only with the written permission of the adjoining property owner.

Revised 7/26/2022