Snow Removal

When the snow starts to fall or icing conditions are present, the Public Works Department begins salting the City streets. The Department begins a plowing operation after an accumulation of two inches. After the plowing is complete, salt is reapplied to reduce icing conditions.

No Plowing / Blowing / Shoveling Snow into Street

Please do not plow, blow or shovel snow into the street. When you move snow onto the street, it not only hinders the efforts of City crews who are trying to keep roadways clear, it also creates a safety hazard for other drivers.

When plowing or using a plowing service, depositing snow onto opposite parkways is prohibited.

These are violations of city ordinances, and violations can result in fines.


Snow removal is performed in order of priority areas:

  • Priority 1: Main thoroughfares, high volume areas and potentially dangerous areas such as railroad crossings, school zones, curves, bridges, and intersections
  • Priority 2: Secondary and residential streets
  • Priority 3: Cul-de-sacs and dead-ends will be the last areas plowed since pickup trucks rather than large snow plows must be used

Crews clear 163 miles of streets divided into specific routes. Once routes are completed, crews plow 270 dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs.

You can watch this video about Wheaton's Snow Operations.


Some streets within the City limits are plowed by governmental bodies other than the City of Wheaton. They are:

  • DuPage County maintains Geneva Road, Jewell Road, County Farm Road and Naperville Road
  • State of Illinois maintains Roosevelt Road and Butterfield Road

Parking Restrictions

After two inches of accumulated snowfall, parking is prohibited on any street or highway for a period of 24 hours or until the streets have been cleared of snow. Parking also is prohibited in the Central Business District between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. or until the streets have been cleared.


The City encourages you to keep the sidewalks near your home clear of snow for the safety of children walking to school or bus stops and other pedestrians. Please consider assisting neighbors who may be unable to clear their sidewalks. 

Businesses in the C-2 and C-4 Zoning Districts are required to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks along their buildings within 24 hours after snow/sleet/freezing rain ends. Please see this section of the City Code for full details and penalties for violation of this Code.


Residents are reminded not to place material such as decorative stone boulders or landscape timbers within five feet of the paved street. This also includes portable basketball hoops.

Also, do not place your garbage cans, recycling cart or garbage bags in the street. This prevents snow plow crews from effectively clearing streets to the curb.


Homeowners should check their mailbox and post to make sure the mailbox does not hang over the curb or pavement. Repairs should be made prior to the winter season.

While City crews do their best to avoid hitting mailboxes, sometimes City plows damage a mailbox while clearing the streets of snow and ice. Any mailbox that is damaged by the City during snow removal operations will be repaired or replaced with a temporary mailbox and post as soon as possible following the storm. The Public Works Department will replace the temporary mailbox with a permanent standard metal mailbox on a wooden post at a later date, which may be in the spring.

The homeowner is responsible for any decorative upgrades over and above the standard metal mailbox and wooden post. If your mailbox is damaged by snow plows, call the Public Works Department at 630-260-2116 to report the damage.

Keep Hydrants Clear

Whenever possible, please help the Wheaton Fire Department by clearing snow from hydrants near your property. This ensures firefighters have quick access in the event of a fire.

Snow Dispatch Center

During snow operations, the direct line to the dispatch center is 630-260-SNOW (7669). More information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section