Pothole Repairs & Street Maintenance


Report a Pothole

The Street Division's crews work year-round patching potholes and addressing areas that need repairs to make our roads safe.

For larger sections of road that need reconstructing or resurfacing, the City uses a separate annual program for replacing or resurfacing streets each year.

Roosevelt Road & Main Street Potholes

Roosevelt Road and Main Street in Wheaton are both being resurfaced by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). If your vehicle has experienced damage while work was being completed, the City of Wheaton can assist you in reporting this to the State. Please email engineering@wheaton.il.us or call 630.260.2065 for more information.

Street Sweeping

Request Street Sweeping

Street cleaning Wheaton's 165 plus miles of streets helps keep debris from clogging storm drains and sewers. On most days, two sweepers run for two shifts. Our crews sweep downtown Wheaton twice a week and other streets every month.