2014 Illinois Plumbing Code Amendments

The City of Wheaton is obligated to enforce the Illinois State Plumbing Code (77 III. Adm. Code 890), current edition, issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health, except as to those revisions and changes hereinafter set forth. One (1) copy of said codes shall be kept on file in the City Clerk's Office for public inspection.

Sec. 22-111. - Amendments.

The following sections or subsections of the Illinois State Plumbing Code are amended as indicated:

Section 890.1200(a) Water Service Pipe Sizing. Change to read:

Water Service Pipe Sizing. The water service pipe from the street main (including the tap) to the water distribution system for the building shall be sized in accordance with Appendix A, Tables M, N, O, P, and Q. Water service pipe and fittings shall be at least one inch in diameter. If flushometers or other devices requiring a high rate of water flow are used, the water service pipe shall be designed and installed to provide this additional flow.

Section 890. Appendix A, Table A, Approved Materials for Water Service Pipe. Change to read:

Piping for water service lines two inches or smaller in diameter shall be copper/copper alloy tubing (ASTM 8 88-1996) and for piping for water service lines 2½ inches or greater in diameter shall be cast iron/ductile iron (ASTM A 377-1984).

WaterSense Label Requirement for Plumbing Fixtures. Pursuant to 17 III. Adm. Code 3730.207(c)(4) and subject to the Illinois Plumbing Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 890) and the Lawn Irrigation Contractor and Lawn Sprinkler System Registration Code (77 III. Adm. Code 892), be it hereby ordained that the City of Wheaton, all new and replacement plumbing fixtures and irrigation controllers installed after the effective date of this ordinance shall bear the WaterSense label (as designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense Program) when such labeled fixtures are available.