Code Enforcement

About the Department

The Code Enforcement Department, in coordination with the City’s Building Department, works to ensure public safety, health and welfare in all aspects of property maintenance.

Our main duties include:

  • Investigating complaints related to building codes and zoning ordinances
  • Notifying owners when their property does not meet City Code
  • When violations are found, ensuring that appropriate corrections are completed.

Property Maintenance

The City sets a number of property maintenance requirements through its City Code to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents. A property owner whose property does not meet these standards could face fines or other penalties. Here are some things that you must do to keep your property up to the City’s minimum standards.


Your yard must be kept free from junk, rubbish, garbage or similar matter, as unsanitary areas can harbor vermin, rodents, animals and other pests.

Home Upkeep

Your home must have address numbers that are easily readable from the street. Also, check the condition of your roof, chimney, gutters, shutters, and make sure the exterior paint isn’t peeling. Peeling paint is a violation of the Wheaton City Code.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

If you have a lawn sprinkler system that is connected to a potable water supply, City ordinances and Illinois Plumbing Codes require the system to be equipped with a reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve back-flow preventer. These valves must be tested annually by an EPA-certified licensed plumber.

Leaf Burning

You may not burn leaves, but you may compost them, place them around trees, or bag them and place them at the curbside pickup with a leaf sticker (available at City Hall and local retailers).

Trash & Yard Waste

It is illegal to deposit your garbage, yard waste or recyclable materials on another person’s property or in their containers/dumpsters. It also is illegal to steal a City recycling container, garbage sticker or yard waste sticker.

If you have questions about yard maintenance, call the Building and Code Enforcement Department at 630-260-2050 or use our Online Request Form to report property maintenance issues.

Overhanging Trees

Remove or trim trees and shrubs that overhang into the street in a way that interferes with or endangers vehicle or pedestrian traffic. If you do not remove or trim overhanging trees/shrubs, the City can do so at your expense.

Trees on Private Property

The City does not regulate trees that are on private property unless they are actively infested with Dutch Elm Disease or the Emerald Ash Borer. Read more about diseased trees or other issues related to trees on private property.

Limbs & Branches from Storm Damage

While the City of Wheaton is responsible for parkway trees damaged by severe storms, the City reminds homeowners that they are responsible for disposing of limbs and branches damaged on private property. Learn more from the Public Works Department.