Contact JULIE before Digging

Free Service Will Mark Your Utilities to Ensure Safety

If you’re planning to install a swing set, do some landscaping that requires digging, put up a fence, build a deck or even install a mailbox post, the City of Wheaton urges you to call JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) before digging to ensure you do not cut or damage underground utility lines when you dig.

All residents need to do is call 811, or submit an online request two business days before digging. JULIE Inc., a nonprofit organization, will come out and mark utility lines free of charge so homeowners and contractors know where these underground utilities are located. For more information, visit the JULIE website.

As a member of JULIE, the City of Wheaton is responsible for locating any City-maintained utilities that are in the public right-of-way or easements, including:

  • Water pipes
  • Storm and sanitary sewer service lines and structures
  • Street light cable
  • Traffic signal cables/conduits

The City does not locate utilities on private property, such as water or sewer service lines that run to a home or structure. Property owners who need their service lines located should contact a locating contractor to mark the location of water or sewer lines on private property.