Effective April 20, 2018, all formal solicitations issued by the City of Wheaton, with a value of more than $20,000, will only be advertised and submitted electronically via Demandstar.com.

To acquire an electronic copy of the procurement documents and submit a bid electronically, it will be necessary to be a member of Demandstar.com. Interested vendors shall register to receive notification of solicitations for bids and proposals from the City of Wheaton. There are many different subscription levels ranging from a FREE City of Wheaton only account to County areas, States or geographical regions per your selection at varying prices. See the membership options available at www.demandstar.com/demandstar-subscription-options.asp. The free subscription process takes DemandStar approximately 48 hours to complete.

To inquire about upcoming Request for Quotations, please contact the Procurement Officer at twalters@wheaton.il.us

Our mission is to purchase the specified goods and services required by City departments and facilities at the lowest possible cost, ensuring that Wheaton residents receive the maximum value for each dollar spent.

What We Do

  • Ensure that all purchases comply with the City of Wheaton’s ordinances and statutes of the State of Illinois
  • Ensure that all purchases promote fair and impartial competition
  • Oversee the public bidding and proposal process
  • Approve the purchase of goods and services for all City departments through purchase orders and contracts
  • Perform research to find the maximum benefit for the funds spent
  • Work with businesses interested in providing goods and / or services to the City
  • Consolidate duplication of services between departments and facilities

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