Forestry Division

For 33 consecutive years, the National Arbor Day Foundation has named Wheaton a Tree City USA due to the Forestry Division’s high-quality tree program. This division oversees tree preservation programs and tasks such as the pruning of 2,000 to 2,500 parkway trees per year.

Shared Cost Parkway Tree Program

A separate program for homeowners who would like to add a new tree to the parkway in front of their homes (not to replace an Ash tree that was removed) is the Shared Cost Parkway Tree Program.

Qualifying homeowners can select from 12 species of trees at a cost of $95. The City’s Forestry Division will plant the trees in the spring or fall (depending on the species).

Shared Cost Parkway Tree Applications are accepted each year in the spring and summer.

Free Wood Chips

When available, the City’s Forestry Division provides free wood chips to Wheaton residents. The Forestry Division will deliver wood chips on driveways in quantities of 12 cubic yards. Contact the Forestry Division at 630-260-7660 to be added to a waiting list.