Hire a Police Officer/Officers

The Wheaton Police Department allows nonprofit, government, and for-profit entities to hire Wheaton Police Officers to perform certain duties outside of their regular working hours, which are called extraordinary services. Groups may request to contract with the Wheaton Police Department for extraordinary services such as:

  • Traffic control and pedestrian safety
  • Crowd control
  • Security and protection of life and property
  • Routine law enforcement for public authorities
  • Plainclothes assignments

Both officers and sergeants are eligible to work extraordinary service assignments based on their availability.

Submit a Request for Extraordinary Services

To request hiring an officer or officers for extraordinary services, please complete the request form at least 7 days prior to your event.

If an event is canceled, it is the responsibility of the requestor to contact Sergeant Gregory Klos at BOTH gklos@wheaton.il.us AND 630-260-2082 to inform the Wheaton Police Department that their presence is no longer required.