Sanitary Sewer Service Line Reimbursement Program

Through the Shared Cost Private Sanitary Sewer Service Line Repair Program, the City provides partial reimbursement for complete replacement or rehabilitation of private sanitary sewer service lines from City-owned sanitary sewer mains to single-family home building drains.

How to Prequalify & Apply

To prequalify, read and fill out a Prequalification Form in the Sanitary Sewer Reimbursement Policy (PDF). This policy is also available at the Public Works offices and the City Hall Permit Processing Desk.

The City will reimburse qualified residents 65% of the repair costs up to $13,000, and the City will restore the pavement, curb, gutter, and sidewalk located in the right-of-way.

To apply, complete the Reimbursement Form at the bottom of the Sanitary Sewer Reimbursement Policy (PDF) or call Public Works at 630-260-2121 for more information.