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Water Service Line Inventory Request


    The City of Wheaton Water Division is developing a water service line material inventory. Please help us complete our citywide inventory by following the instructions below and submitting the requested information.

    Background Information:
    The households in Wheaton typically have a water service that is either copper, galvanized, or lead.

    Copper plumbing, when scratched, will have the color of a penny. A magnet will not stick to copper pipes.
    Galvanized steel plumbing can be dull gray in color. When scratched, will be a silver-gray color. The pipes will have threads at connections. A strong magnet will typically stick to galvanized pipes.
    Lead service lines are generally a dull gray color and are very soft. If the pipe is made of lead, the pipe will turn a bright silver color when scratched. Do not use a knife or other sharp instrument and take care not to puncture a hole in the pipe. A magnet will not stick to lead pipe.

    You will need: A key or a coin, and a strong refrigerator magnet.

    1. Find the water meter in your home. Look at the pipe that comes through the outside wall or floor of your home and connects to your meter.
    2. Carefully scratch the pipe (like you would a lottery ticket) with a key or a coin. Do not use a knife or other sharp tool. Take care not to make a hole in the pipe. If the scratch turns a shiny silver color, it could be lead or steel. NOTE: If pipe is painted, use sandpaper to expose the metal first.
    3. Place the magnet on the pipe. If a magnet sticks, it is a galvanized steel pipe.
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    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Water Division at 630-260-2090. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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