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City of Wheaton Disclosure Statement

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    The Wheaton City Council recognizes the government functions best when there is public trust. As one means of ensuring this essential public trust, the City Council has adopted an ordinance which sets forth certain disclosure requirements for officials and employees of the City of Wheaton. The ordinance requires that these officials and employees file an Annual Disclosure Statement in order to alert public servants, as well as the public, to areas where there may be possible conflicts of interest.

    The following information is requested, therefore, in order to forestall potential conflicts of interest and promote ethical conduct. The disclosure statement is not intended to discourage or disqualify individuals from public service, nor does it presume a conflict of interest. Rather, it is for the protection of both the persons serving the City and the citizens they serve. It is in such spirit that this information is requested.

    The requested information is required from all elected City officials, all appointed City officials, all members of City boards and commissions who are appointed by the City Council, the City Manager, all department heads and all other employees, excluding patrol officers and firefighters, earning in excess of $55,000/year.

    The disclosure statement will be maintained on file with the City Clerk. These statements will be available for review by the general public upon specific request to the City Clerk during regular business hours. When a request for viewing a statement is made, the person whose statement is requested shall be notified and the person viewing the statement named.

    All officials and employees of the City of Wheaton are expected to read the Disclosure Ordinance. Copies of the ordinance may be obtained from the City Clerk.

    SECTION 2-526 of the Disclosure Ordinance sets forth the City's policy regarding conflicts of interest. The policy states: “It is the policy of the City of Wheaton, Illinois, that it’s elected and appointed officials should, in their official capacity, exercise their judgment and perform their duties for the sole benefit of the City and its citizens. To this end, elected and appointed City officials should avoid accepting or retaining any economic benefits or opportunities which could impair, or present an actual threat to, the exercise of independent judgment. It is further the policy of the City that all appearances of impropriety shall be avoided. The City Council hereby determines that the adoption of an ordinance setting forth disclosure principles and regulations applicable to public officials is in the best interests of the City and will contribute to the public confidence in the integrity, ability and performance of City officials.” To remind elected and appointed officials of this and other requirements of the disclosure ordinance, the following information is requested:


    1. Please list the legal description, common address and ownership interest in any real estate owned by you, your spouse or children which is located within the corporate limits of the City of Wheaton or within one-half mile of the corporate limits of the City of Wheaton. For the purpose of this section, the ownership of beneficial interest in real estate held in trust or real property held by a corporation in which the person filing the statement shall own more than five percent (5%) of the outstanding stock, shall be considered real estate. The property in which the person filing this statement or in which his or her children reside is exempt from the provisions of this section.

    2. Please list any gifts or services rendered as gifts, excluding campaign contributions and services, whose value, in the aggregate from any one source is in excess of $150 annually, which have been received from any such source doing business or having a contractual relationship with the City or engaged in an activity having substantial potential of doing business with the City. Gifts and services of the character previously described made to your spouse or children shall also be listed.
    3. Please list the name of any creditor, the nature and amount of the indebtedness and the description of the circumstances related to the release of the indebtedness if you, your spouse or your children have been released of any indebtedness exceeding $150 in a principal amount within the past year without paying the total balance due on such indebtedness or giving adequate consideration. If indebtedness was released by an immediate family member reporting is not required.
    4. Please list your ownership interest, either direct or indirect, of any business, firm or corporation which has entered into any contract with the City of Wheaton or received any remuneration from the City during the past year in which your ownership interest exceeds one percent (1%). The ownership interest of your spouse or minor children shall also be included in this statement.
    5. a) Please list all employment for the previous calendar year.
    5. b) If you are an attorney, accountant, insurance agent, broker, salesperson or any other person or professional accepting a fee for services rendered to a person or business entity, please list all clients of yours and your employer’s who contract with the City, provide goods or services to the City or appear before the City Council or any Board or Commission of the City for purposes of doing business with the City (names or clients need not be declared in the event any code or canon of ethics does not allow such disclosure).
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