Sometimes my basement floor drain backs up during a rain storm. Is this normal?

Although it is very common, it is not what is supposed to happen during rain storms. The floor drain in your basement floor is connected to the sanitary sewer system. Unlike the City of Chicago, which has a combined sanitary and storm sewer system, Wheaton has separate systems. However, due to deterioration of the storm and sanitary sewer pipes and intentional and unintentional connections, storm water does infiltrate the sanitary sewer system. This infiltration can cause the sanitary sewer system to overflow to the lowest points in the system - basements. The City is addressing this problem by conducting home inspections to find illegal connects to the sanitary sewer system. We also have a program to assist homeowners with the cost of installing an overhead plumbing system to stop sewer backups in basements. Contact us at 630-260-2065 for more information.

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