How do I get on a bidder’s list?

To promote fair and impartial business opportunities, the City of Wheaton provides bid documents to the public via this website and Demandstar. Because of this publicized information and open access, the City no longer retains bidder lists or publishes individual notices in newspapers. Businesses interested in doing business with the City should:

  1. Consult this website for current bid opportunities.
  2. Register with Oniva’s Demandstar. Depending on the type of registration your business selects, Oniva’s Demandstar will either:
    1. Notify companies of bidding opportunities available within the City of Wheaton (no charge) or a four-county area (minimal annual charge), or
    2. Allow businesses to surf their site and download selected documents for a minimal charge per document.
      Businesses should email Oniva’s Demandstar directly or call 800-711-1712 for more information.

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2. How do I get on a bidder’s list?
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