Lawn Irrigation

This guideline has been developed to assist you in your efforts to install a Lawn Irrigation System. Prior to installation of an irrigation system, a permit must be obtained from the City of Wheaton Building Department. Submittal of a Building Application for Permit is required for installation of a lawn irrigation system on private property, and, if applicable, submittal of an Engineering Application for Permit is also required for installation of a lawn irrigation system in the City right-of-way.

Provided below is information that addresses what needs to be submitted to the City, pertinent building codes, permit fees and required inspections. These guidelines are by no means all-inclusive, but they do identify the most critical requirements that are involved in this type of project. Please review this information and contact the City of Wheaton Building Department with questions.

Associated Documents
All associated documents are provided below.

Required Submittals
The following documents need to be submitted to initiate a review of your project:

  1. Building Application for Permit (for lawn irrigation system on private property) 
    Building Application for Permit
    shall include: site address, description of work, contractor(s), the total cost of work to be performed, permit applicant contact information, etc.
  2. Contractor Requirements see Contractor Requirements.
  3. Plat of Survey
    Provide two (2) scaled copies of the legal plat of survey that identifies the location of the sprinkler heads and associated piping layout on private property as well as on the City right-of-way.
  4. RPZ Technical Data Sheet
    Provide one (1) copy of the manufacturer’s technical data sheet of the reduced pressure zone backflow preventer (RPZ).
  5. Engineering Application for Permit (for lawn irrigation system in City right-of-way) Provide Engineering Application for Permit that includes: site address, description of work, contractor(s) name and address, permit applicant contact information, etc.
  6. Construction, Use and Indemnification Agreement (when lawn irrigation system will be installed in right-of-way)
    Provide notarized Lawn Irrigation System Indemnification Form. Please note, within the Indemnification Form you are asked to provide “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit B”.
    Exhibit A: is the legal description, address, as well as Parcel Index Number (P.I.N) of the subject property. You may cut and paste a photocopy of the legal description and P.I.N from the plat of survey onto “Exhibit A” and include the address.
    Exhibit B: you must submit an additional document labeled “Exhibit B” depicting the scope of work which can be a copy of the plat of survey identifying all sprinkler heads in the City right-of-way.

Current Codes
See the page titled Codes & Design Criteria that identifies current codes that may be applicable to your construction project.

Significant Codes - Building

  1. Construction, Use and Indemnification Agreement
    Per Wheaton City Code, Ordinance No. O-2020-05, Chapter 22 Building and Building Regulations, Article I, Section 22-8. Please refer to the Wheaton City Code for the specifics. Following is an abbreviated version of the Ordinance:
    1. The sole responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the lawn irrigation system is the obligation of the owner;
    2. The indemnification agreement requires approval by the corporate authority;
    3. The indemnification agreement releases the City from any and all claims; and
    4. The lawn irrigation system shall be designed, installed and operated as not to spray water onto the sidewalk, curb, gutter or street.
  2. RPZ Valve
    Any lawn sprinkler system connected to a potable water supply shall be equipped with a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer assembly (RPZ). The RPZ may be located outside provided it conforms to the State Plumbing Code Section 890.1130(g) (1). No backflow preventer assembly shall be installed where it would be subject to freezing conditions.
  3. Accessible
    Backflow preventers and back siphonage-preventing devices shall be installed so as to allow accessibility, observation, and maintenance and replacement services.
  4. Initial RPZ Certification Test
    Upon completion of the installation of the lawn irrigation system, and prior to the Cities plumbing inspection, the owner shall have the RPZ valve certified by a Registered Cross Connection Control Device Inspector (CCCDI). All requirements listed in the Wheaton City Code Chapter 74, Article V Cross Connection Control, shall apply. A copy of the RPZ certification shall be placed by the RPZ valve and a copy sent to the City Water Division, 210 Reber St., Wheaton, IL 60187. Once the RPZ has been certified by the CCCDI inspector please call the Building Department for a final plumbing inspection.
  5. Annual RPZ Certification Test
    Per the State Plumbing Code, RPZ valves are to be tested annually by a state-licensed CCCDI. The test report is to be mailed to the City Water Division, 210 Reber St., Wheaton, IL 60187.
  6. Booster Pumps
    As stated in the Wheaton City Code, Section 74-267:
    • Where a booster pump has been installed on the service line to or within any premises, such pump shall be equipped with a low-pressure cutoff device designed to shut off the booster pump when the pressure in the service line on the suction side of the pump drops to 20 PSI or less. (The normal overload switch that protects the pump and motor is not adequate).
    • It shall be the duty of the water consumer to maintain the low-pressure cutoff device in proper working order and to certify to the superintendent of water, at least once a year that the device is operable.
  7. Digging
    The contractor shall contact J.U.L.I.E. at 1-800-892-0123 or 811 for utility locations prior to installation.

Permit Fees
For associated Planning, Engineering and Building fees, please refer to Appendix B7 Fee Schedule per the Wheaton City Code - "Community Development Fees".

For associated Sewer and Water fees, please refer to Appendix B8 Fee Schedule per the Wheaton City Code - "Public Works/Sewer & Water Fees."

The inspection listed below is required for all Lawn Irrigation. Additional inspections may be needed based upon the scope of work. If additional inspections are required, they will be identified at the time of permit issuance.

To schedule an inspection, please call 630-260-2050 a minimum of 24 hours in advance, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Type of Inspection
When to Call
Final Plumbing
After the equipment has been installed and tested.

Lawn Sprinkling Guidelines

  1. Per City of Wheaton Code Section 74-153 Water Use Restrictions:
    • During the period between May 15 and September 15, inclusive, the outside use of running water from a hose or sprinkling system, for the purpose of watering/sprinkling of lawns and gardens, shall be limited in the following manner:
    • Outside use of water, as defined in this section, for buildings that bear odd-numbered street addresses is permitted only on the days of the month having an odd number.
    • Outside use of water, as defined in this section for a building which bears even-numbered street addresses are permitted only on the days of the month having an even number.
    • In addition to the odd/even restrictions set forth in sub-paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subparagraph (a), the sprinkling/watering of lawns and gardens, as defined in this section, is prohibited between the hours of 12:00 Noon and 6:00 p.m.
    • The following exception to this paragraph (a) is permitted: watering of sod and/or newly seeded lawns for a ten-day period following authorization by the water superintendent. Watering with this authorization shall not take place between the hours of 12:00 Noon and 6:00 p.m.
  2. In the event of a water supply emergency, the City manager may cause a City-wide lawn or garden sprinkling restriction.

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Revised 3/13/2020