2014 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

Thanks to hundreds of residents who participated in a community survey earlier this year, the City of Wheaton has received valuable feedback gauging public sentiment and identifying areas where the City can make improvements. At the June 23, 2014 City Council Planning Session, ETC Institute presented the results of the 2014 City of Wheaton Citizen Satisfaction Survey (PDF) it conducted for the City earlier this year.

ETC Institute compared the results of Wheaton’s survey with results in 54 communities nationwide and a random sample of 4,000 residents across the nation. The City of Wheaton rated at or above the national average in 54 of 66 areas assessed.

Approximately 2,000 randomly chosen Wheaton households received the survey. With 683 households responding, this level of participation is enough to provide a statistically valid sample that can be extrapolated to be a good reflection of the feelings of all residents.