New Sidewalk Construction Shared-Cost Program

Residents who currently do not have sidewalks in front of their properties and would like to participate in a shared-cost program can apply between now and August 1, 2013. The City Council approved the New Sidewalk Construction Policy (PDF), which is a program that equally splits the cost of constructing new sidewalks between residents and the City for qualifying properties. This program is for constructing new sidewalks only - it is not for replacing sidewalk squares, and it does not apply to new construction or redevelopment projects.

Several criteria must be met in order for residents to apply for the program:

  • Applicants must submit a petition expressing interest in participating in the program.
  • The length of the sidewalk must be at least 180 feet - about the length of three standard residential lots. (In most cases, this would mean that several homeowners together submit one petition to have sidewalks constructed in front of their properties.)
  • One end of the new sidewalk must connect to an existing sidewalk or street crosswalk.


If you are interested in participating, read the New Public Sidewalk Construction Policy for the information required to submit your petition requesting participation. The petition can be submitted to the Engineering Department:

  • In person at:
    City Hall
    303 W Wesley Street
  • By email
  • By mail to:
    City of Wheaton Engineering Department
    303 W Wesley Street
    Wheaton, IL 60187

This program will be limited to the amount allocated in the City’s annual budget. The City’s Engineering Department will review petition requests, develop a preliminary cost estimate and notify residents if their request is able to be completed.