2018 International Residential Code Amendments

The ICC International Residential Code/2018 with referenced standards and Appendices A, B, C, G, H, and O, as published by the International Code Council, Inc., together with the additions, insertions, deletions, and changes prescribed in this article, is hereby adopted by reference and made a part of this article, the same as if fully set forth herein, as the standards, rules, and regulations for the design, construction, alteration, repair, use and maintenance of buildings and structural appurtenances in the city.
(Ord. No. O-2020-05, § 1, 2-3-20)

All new residential construction shall include passive-resistant radon construction as provided for by the State of Illinois Public Act 97-0953.

Sec. 22-41. - Amendments.

The following sections or subsections of the residential code are amended as indicated:

Section R101.2 Scope. Add the following: The International Building Code may be referenced for additional information and/or clarifications.

Section R105.2 Work exempt from permit. The following items, listed under the heading "Building," shall be deleted in their entirety:
Items # 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 9, and 10.

Section R105.7 Placement of permit. Add the following: The permit shall be visible from the street, accessible, and near the front door.

Add the following section:

Section R105.10 Completion of work. It shall be the responsibility of the owner of every property for which a permit is issued to complete the work in accordance with the plans prior to the expiration of such permit. All exterior work shall be completed no later than one year from the date of permit issuance; however, the building official is authorized to grant an extension of time for a period not to exceed 180 days if an extension is requested in writing and justifiable cause demonstrated.

Section R106.1 Submittal documents. Change to read: Submittal documents consisting of construction documents and other data shall be submitted in two or more sets with each application for a permit. The construction documents shall be prepared, signed, and sealed by a registered Illinois Design Professional for all new detached one- and two-family dwellings, townhomes not exceeding three stories, residential additions exceeding 500 square feet in total area, and all second-story additions. Where special conditions exist, the building official is authorized to require additional construction documents to be prepared by a registered design professional.

Section R 112 Board/Means of appeals. Change to read: Any references to the board/means of appeal shall comply with Wheaton City Code, section 22-12, means/board of appeals.

Section R 113.4 Violation; penalties. Change to read: See Wheaton City Code, section 22-3, violations; penalties.

Table R301.2(1) Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria. Insert the following:

Item Regulations
Ground snow load 25 psf
Wind speed 115
Seismic design category A
Weathering Severe
Frost line depth 42 inches
Termite Moderate to heavy
Decay Slight to moderate
Winter design temperature -5 degrees F
Ice shield underlayment Yes
Flood Hazard August 1, 2019
Air freezing index 2000
Mean annual temperature 50 degrees F

Manual J Design Criteria (heating/cooling)

Item Regulations
Elevation 758
Latitude 42
Winter Heating 1
Summer Cooling 88 Degrees
Altitude Correction Factor 0.98
Indoor Design Temperature 72 Degrees F
Design Temperature Cooling 75 Degrees F
Heating Temperature Difference 72
Cooling Temperature Difference 15
Wind Velocity Heating 15
Wind Velocity Cooling 7 1/2
Coincident Wet Bulb 74
Daily Range M
Winter Humidity 40
Summer Humidity 2.25

Table R302.6 Dwelling/garage fire separation. Add the following row:

  • Separation: Garages located less than 10 feet from a dwelling on the same lot.
  • Material: Not less than one-half-inch gypsum board or equivalent applied to all walls and ceilings.

Section R310.1 Emergency escape and rescue required. Add the following: An emergency egress window is required for any basement addition or replacement of a basement exterior foundation wall when the existing basement does not already have an emergency egress window.

Section R310.6 Alterations or repairs of existing basements: Delete the language in the section inclusive of the exception and change to read:

An emergency escape or rescue opening is required where existing basements undergo alterations or repairs in accordance with Section 310.1. Exception: Basements protected by an approved automatic fire sprinkler system.

Section R311.7.1 Width. Add the following: Stair stringers shall not exceed a maximum spacing of 36 inches on center or part thereof.

Section R313.2 One- and two-family dwelling automatic fire systems. Delete in its entirety.

Add the following section:

Section R314.8 Heat Detectors. When constructing new detached one or two-family dwellings, Heat Detectors shall be installed in any integral garage or attached garage. The heat detector shall receive primary power from the building wiring, and when primary power is interrupted, shall receive power from a battery. The heat detector shall be interconnected with the smoke alarm system in such a manner that activation of one alarm will activate all of the alarms in the individual unit.

Section R315.3 Carbon monoxide alarms. Change to read: In dwelling units, an approved carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed outside and within 15 feet of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms in dwelling units within which fuel-fired appliances are installed and in dwelling units that have attached garages.

Section R317.1 Location required, Item 2. Change to read: All sills or plates that rest on concrete or masonry exterior walls.

Section R319.1 Address numbers. Change to read: All address identification shall comply with Wheaton City Code, section 22-10, premises identification.

Section R401.1 Application. Change to read: The provisions of this chapter shall control the design and construction of the foundation and foundation spaces for all buildings. The use of wood footings and wood foundations is not allowed and all references to wood footings and foundations are hereby deleted.

Section R402.1 Wood foundations. Delete in its entirety.

Add the following Sections:

R403.1.1.1 Minimum Thickness. The minimum thickness, T, for concrete foundations shall be 10 inches.

R403.1.1.2 Trench Foundations. Trench foundations shall be allowed for residential additions not exceeding 500 square feet in total area and having an eave height of ten feet or less. The minimum width of the trench foundation shall be 12 inches.

Section R404.1 Concrete and Masonry Foundation Walls. Change to read: R404.1 Concrete Foundation Walls. Concrete foundation walls shall be selected and constructed in accordance with the provisions of Section R404.1.3.

Section R404.1.1 Design Required. Change to read:

R404.1.1 Design Required. Concrete foundation walls shall be designed in accordance with the accepted engineering practice where either of the following conditions exists:

  1. Walls are subject to hydrostatic pressure from groundwater.
  2. Walls supporting more than 48 inches of unbalanced backfill that do not have permanent lateral support at the top or bottom.

Section R404.1.2.1 Design of masonry foundation walls. Delete in its entirety.

Add the following Section:

R507.1.1 Decks Free-standing decks shall be defined as any deck structure that is structurally independent and does not serve an exterior door of an adjoining structure.

Section R507.4.1, Exception. Delete in its entirety.

Add the following section:

R807.2 Attic Access Location. The attic access shall not be located in a closet.

Appendix H Patio Covers, Section AH101.2 Permitted Uses. Change to read: Patio covers shall be permitted only when attached to the dwelling unit and in compliance with the city zoning ordinance. Patio covers shall be used only for recreational, and outdoor living purposes and not as carports, garages, storage rooms, or habitable rooms.