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Senior Citizens

The City of Wheaton and other local agencies offer a number of services especially for Wheaton senior citizens, including:

Ride DuPage Transportation Program

Seniors age 65 and older and residents with disabilities can receive curb-to-curb paratransit service through Ride DuPage, a subsidized transportation service. Participants must register for the program before using it. Find out more about this program and how to apply.

Senior Housing Assistance Program

This program provides financial aid to senior residents who need assistance in order to continue living in Wheaton because of increasing rental, mortgage or real estate tax payments. This program is offered through the City’s Housing Commission. More information about this program is available in the Housing Commission section. Questions can be directed to Lindsay Qualkenbush at 630-260-2019.

Senior Meals Program

The DuPage Senior Citizen Council coordinates home-delivered meals when a resident needs a hot nutritious meal but is unable to shop, prepare meals or attend a senior dining center. A donation toward the cost of the meals is requested. The City of Wheaton reimburses the county for service to Wheaton residents. For more information, call DuPage County Human Services, Senior Citizen Services, at 630-682-7000.

Leisure Center

Located at 208 W. Union Ave. in Memorial Park, the Wheaton Park District’s Leisure Center offers activities and other senior services for Wheaton residents. Find out more about the Leisure Center’s offerings on the Wheaton Park District’s website or by calling 630-665-1415.

Free Rides For Seniors

Seniors age 65 and older can ride free on CTA buses, Pace buses and Metra trains. To receive free fares, seniors must sign up for RTA's reduced fare program, if they do not already have a reduced fare identification card. Find out more about this program and how to enroll.

DuPage County Programs and Services

DuPage County offers additional services for seniors. Visit the DuPage County website or call 630-407-6500 for more information on home visits, elder abuse, caregiver support, nursing home prescreening and more.

Guardian Program

The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office offers a computerized telephone calling service for seniors. The calling system helps ensure the well-being of participants. For more information, visit the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office website.

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